Kennesaw Mountain Collection

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Produced by National Park Service


Early 1940's 1950's* 1960's** 1984 Current

*We have 3 copies of this brochure from different printings. 1951, 1952 and 1955     **We have 2 copies of this brochure from different printings. 1961 and 1966


Produced by Kennesaw Mountain Historical Association


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Historical Guide

Guide to Kennesaw Mountain and Marietta



Commemorative Program



Dedication of Georgia Monument




The booklets below describe the Atlanta Campaign and Battle of Kennesaw Mountain

Produced by the National Park Service


1949 1950's and 60's

***We have 3 copies of this brochure from different printings. 1956, 1961 and 1966


Kennesaw Mountain and the Atlanta Campaign

by Dennis Kelly

3rd Edition - 1999


Trail Guides

Produced by the Kennesaw Mountain Historical Association



est. 1985

Eagle Scout Project - Troop 252

{Not all trail markers are still in place}


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Miscellaneous Brochures

The Minie Ball: lethal ammunition in
the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain
Late 1970's
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The Road Past Kennesaw
The Atlanta Campaign of 1864




Kolb's Farm:

Rehearsal for Atlanta's Doom






The Civilian

Conservation Corps

at Kennesaw Mountain



Geologic Origins of Kennesaw Mountain


Birds of Kennesaw Mountain


This was a museum located on Hwy 41

a few miles from the park.


Patch Requirements


The following isn't exactly a brochure. This is a document produced by

a local scout troop documenting how to earn one of the patches.